Project Credits: Alberto Alfonso ( formeaning ), Danny Massaro
Advisor: Marcelyn Gow
Institution: ESTm, The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles

// This is the Final Production regards a Research conducted by Alberto Alfonso ( formeaning ) started at the Southern California Institute of Architecture ( sci-arc ), Los Angeles in 2012.


“I don’t believe  in what some educators nowadays call Architectural’s Thesis;  if we consider it like a demonstration  of something Right, through the Hypothesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, and I dont’ belive in Etiquettes at all!”

I think at Architecture like to an opportunity to experiment the unknow, to celebrate the Radicality and more then everything to start defining an own Agenda.   To parafrase Eric Own Moss I would say “I am interestd in the tension between different possibilities and cultures”.   I do belive we are in a period on time where the role of the Drawings coming from the Leon Battista Alberti Tradition where the drawings were used to inform the construction process has to be redefine.   Architecture is Monumental, is Culture, is FORM; It is about Conventions, Challenging those Conventions, addressing new Solutions to them  and making New Ones.

Basically what I am trying to achieve in  Architecture is creating Architectural Problems! And this project was the perfcet scenario where to explore few of the classical ones:

– OBJECT/GROUND   Relationship

– PARTS to WHOLE    Relationship

– INSIDE OUTSIDE      Relationship

– CONTEXT/OBJECT  Relationship

It was always crucial the role of Technology as a Tool for the Aesthetic Research always thinking at a  form making Process despite of a performative approach of form finding :  Pro Collage, Pro Composition, Pro New Languages. //