Riva Expo

Typology: Temporary architecture

Type of intervention: Installation for expo

Client: Public

Size: 2000 square meters

Location: Riva del Garda

Riva Expo from the town Riva sul Garda is the protagonist of an exclusive footwear fashion event. The exhibition pavilion was designed to exhibit and enhance the design of the products on display.

With great elegance and dynamism, the parametrically designed structure insinuates itself and envelops the environment, giving life to a mood. The experience offered to the visitor is of a place alien to everyday life that arouses amazement and curiosity. The fluid organic forms, the ethereal environment and the promenade are the result of a careful study of how shapes, colors and emotions interact with each other. This approach to architecture has led to the creation of a unique environment of its kind, an expression of great design technique and experience in the field.