Olimpia Fitness - Ideas Contest

Typology: Fitness Center / Gym / Landscape Design Type of intervention: Integrated tender Client: Public Size: 4200 m2 Location: Arcole – Verona

The concept design of the building based on a pre-existing architecture, aims at the integration between internal and external spaces, amalgamating natural and artificial elements such as the wooden flooring, integrated with the outside through a game of solids and voids or the pattern of colors expressed through a Trespa paneling that surrounds the building ensuring impeccable aesthetics and durability at the top in the sector. The interior spaces have been designed to accommodate different activities, such as bodybuilding, crossfit, spinning or dance, resulting in a multifunctional structure that interfaces with the person directly, guiding him through the spaces, giving the user the best. possible experience, especially to those approaching it for the first time.