Project By: Alberto Alfonso ( formeaning )
Advisor: Tom Wiscombe
Institution: ESTm Post-Graduate Program, SCI-Arch, Los Angeles

// “Strong figures are embedded in a bigger Form “The Sack”, advancing the “Box in the Box “ and the “Sectional Object” typology and leading to the definition of SuperComponents that establish, thanks to their different behave, a new series of relations between themselves and the Sack. Towards a conception of Design that is alway less categorized and much more Fused together.

The Tattoo is developing its own autonomous language but at the same time is working with the Mass Geometry, emphasizing the creases of the Skin’s Surface and predicting what its happening to the inside space thanks to his systematic properties of adaptation and mutation.

In the SuperComponents the Tattoo emphasises the loss of perception and the continuity between the inside and the outside space, becoming embedded to the Outer Skin like a Nested Figure.” //