DIGITAL & ANALOG NOISE - Design e ricerca

Project Credits: Alberto Alfonso ( formeaning ), Danny Massaro
Advisor: Marcelyn Gow
Institution: ESTm, The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles

// This project seeks to overcome the paradigm based on platonic geometries with the aggregation of points in space and the use of lines as displacement forces.

It explores the relationship between the “Digital” and “Analog” noise created by material agencies.   While the feedback between the physical and digital environment work constantly with the problems of geometry as well as the ones of matter.

In the context of a pre-existing building we explored how this research can affect architectural space.  With the use of connections, multiple skins, autonomous language, joints, porosity, structural morphology and scaling we defined a base set of key words that informed the design approach.  Our attempt was to define a new relationship between the “outside” and the “inside,” and creating a new mysterious affiliation between them. //