Bruno Alfonso

Born in Montagnana (PD) on 24-12-1956 residing in Montagnana (PD) in Via A. Palladio
n ° 5 with professional studio in Montagnana (PD) in Via Matteotti n ° 43.
Graduated Surveyor in 1975, graduated in Architecture in 1981, he obtained the qualification to perform the profession of Architect in 1983, he carried out entrepreneurial activity as a business owner in the construction sector from 1978 to 1986, he is registered with the Order of Architects, Planners , Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Padua with n. 910 since 1988. He is in possession of the professional requirements for the coordinator for the design and execution of the work on the safety of construction sites referred to in Legislative Decree n ° 81 of 09-04-2008 and succ. modif. and additions.
He gained administrative experience covering the position of Municipal Councilor in the years 1990 – 1991 – 1992, as President of Municipal Council Commissions.
He has been or is an expert member in the field of natural beauty and environmental protection of the following integrated Municipal Building Commissions:

Municipality of Montagnana (PD) since 2002
Municipality of Megliadino San Vitale (PD) since 2002
Municipality of Merlara (PD) since 2006
Municipality of Orgiano (VI) since 2006

He was an expert member of the Commission of selection for the assignment of the assignment for the “DRAFTING OF A COMPUTERIZED TERRITORIAL DATABASE AND PREPARATION OF PRE-PLAN TABLES FOR P.R.G. COMPUTERIZED “; Municipality of Albignasego.
In 2000 he obtained the certificate of expert in geographic information systems G.I.S. (EEC course).