Villa Pegaso - Modern Renovation - Vicenza

Typology: House

Type of intervention: Renovation and extension

Client: Private

Size: 800 sqm

Location: Vicenza

Organic architecture and modern design are defined first by materials, such as wood and concrete, then by organic shapes and digital patterns.

These are the elements that outline the renovation and extension project, fused together with a play of shapes that creates large spaces with a great visual impact.

The building incorporates and expands and unifies a pre-existing house, giving those who live in the environment an experience of profound connection between the elements.

The swimming pool acts as a pivot around which the living areas, the services and the master bedroom overlook, while the highlight of Villa Chrono is certainly the private terrace on the first floor, from which you can admire first of all the beauty of the living area external and then the strong dialogue between the house and the green.