Floating ceiling - Interior design - Padova

Typology: House

Type of intervention: Renovation

Client: Private

Size: 300 square meters

Location: Montagnana

The Floating ceiling project, renovation of Villa Alfonso, is luxury, innovation and design, sophisticated materials meet neutral and pure colors for a style that never fades. Burl, steel, glass and stone, a perfect meeting of materials that take shape in the finishes of doors and furnishings, in the elegant staircase with a steel supporting structure and steps formed by a triple overlapping of glass plates and in the magnificent Venetian floors outlined by marble stones of large carrara, a hymn to style and classicism. Dominated by a pattern of light points, the ceiling is characterized by strong dynamism, accentuated by the unevenness that welcome and reject the light, creating a spectacular game of contrasts, for an environment that is the result of the creative inspiration of the architect Bruno Alfonso